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Did you know that half of all home energy use is for heating and cooling? If you want to cut your energy bills and save energy, home weatherization is a great way to go!

Home Energy Savings

Gaps in the envelope of your home leak energy. Your energy dollars are literally slipping through the cracks. To get the most bang for your weatherization buck, we recommend air sealing. This will cut your energy bills while also making your home more comfortable.

Promote Indoor Air Quality

Many Cape Cod area homes have moisture issues in the basement or crawlspace. Unfortunately, moisture can cause mildew and mold. This contaminated air can diffuse throughout the first floor of the home, triggering asthma and allergy symptoms. Basement encapsulation is a great solution because it stops excess moisture from entering the home.

Promote Home Durability

Keeping out the elements helps your home to last longer and helps prevent costly repairs. Air sealing can also stop moisture from entering, while basement encapsulation can prevent rot and water damage to the home.

Greater Home Comfort

Many Cape Cod homes have drafts, uneven temperatures, and mold problems. A Plus Insulation and Foam Co. is here to help. Our expert team identifies the source of these issues and provides cost-effective solutions. Some home weatherization projects qualify for Mass Save, Cape Light Compact, and Rise program incentives, saving thousands.

A Plus Insulation: Your Home Weatherization Contractor

We are the local leaders in home energy savings and year-round comfort. Our dedication to quality work is evident on energy job we complete. From Plymouth to Mashpee, Orleans, and Provincetown, we put our customers first.

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Air Sealing

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Does your home have high energy bills? Can pests enter your attic or crawlspace through gaps and cracks? Are you building a new home and you want to ensure that it is properly weatherized?


A+ Insulation Foam, Basement encapsulation, MA

Many homes in the Cape Cod area have musty and dark crawlspaces that people avoid. Although moisture issues in your crawlspace may go undetected, they can degrade indoor air quality and home comfort.