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Many homes in the Cape Cod area have musty and dark crawlspaces that people avoid. Although moisture issues in your crawlspace may go undetected, they can degrade indoor air quality and home comfort.

Unfortunately, moisture issues can cause mold growth and encourage some pest populations. In more extreme cases, excess moisture and condensation can even cause structural damage to the home framing and insulation.

Benefits of Encapsulation

  • Reduce heating and cooling bills

  • Promote clean indoor air and home health

  • Prevent moisture problems in the home

  • Increase home durability

  • Increase home comfort with warmer floors (on the first floor)

From Plymouth to Provincetown, Massachusetts, waterproofing your crawlspace is an effective way to stop moisture problems and save energy. An A Plus weatherization expert can assess your basement or crawlspace to determine if crawlspace encapsulation would be necessary.

Basement Encapsulation for a Healthier Home

Many common home allergens thrive in Cape Cod basements and crawlspaces, especially if you have high humidity levels. For example, dust mites populations thrive in damp basements, and dust mite droppings are a common allergen.

Although it might seem counterintuitive, indoor air quality throughout many Massachusetts homes is significantly affected by the condition of the crawlspace or basement. This is because much of the air that we breathe on the first floor of the home actually originates from below. Warmer air is buoyant. As the warm air in the home rises, it pulls air in through the crawl or basement and up into the living spaces above.

Promote Home Durability with Encapsulation

Elevated humidity levels and crawlspace condensation can wreak havoc on the wood and insulation in your crawlspace, causing rot damage. Some common household pests, including termites and carpenter ants, thrive in moist environments. Decreasing the humidity level in your crawlspace or basement with a moisture barrier will help protect your home from years to come.

A Plus Insulation: Your Encapsulation Contractor

Our crawlspace encapsulation service begins with a crawlspace assessment to determine if standing water is an issue in your home. If so, we install a heavy duty plastic moisture barrier, covering the crawlspace floor and sealing your perimeter beams and piers.

The A Plus Insulation & Foam Co. team then insulates your crawlspace taking one of two approaches. Your crawlspace will either be a conditioned or unconditioned space.  A conditioned crawlspace involves insulating either the joists and walls, and an unconditioned crawlspace involves insulating the ceiling of your crawlspace ceiling. As fully licensed and insured builders, we can provide certified concrete jacking services and are trained in lead remediation.

Want to solve moisture problems in your home? Call A Plus Insulation today to schedule a free estimate!