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Does your home have high energy bills? Can rodents and other pests enter your attic or crawlspace through gaps and cracks?  Are you building a new home and you want to ensure that it is properly weatherized?

In southeastern Massachusetts, many homeowners pay hundreds a month to heat and cool their homes. The A Plus Insulation & Foam Co. team can significantly cut your utility bills while helping the environment.  

Seal Up Gaps and Cracks

Most Massachusetts homes have lots of gaps that cause air leakage. The average U.S. house has so many air leaks that they are the combined equivalent to leaving a window open throughout the whole year. Air leaks waste energy and also provide a pathway for pests, pollutants, and moisture to enter your home. While mold, pollen, and rodent excrement can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms for some homeowners.

Prevent Home Heat Loss With a Sealed Attic

Many A Plus Insulation and Foam Co. customers are thrilled about how much we can cut their energy bills and promote home comfort and health by insulating and air sealing the attic. Our weatherization experts stop moisture, pests, and air leaks at the source and pay special attention to plumbing and lighting fixtures, including recessed light covers. A Plus Insulation and Foam Co. uses a variety of reliable air sealing products to prevent home heat loss for years to come.

A Plus Insulation: Cape-Cod’s Weatherization Experts

We are a locally owned and operated weatherization company dedicated to indoor comfort and home energy savings. We serve the Cape Cod area, from Plymouth to Provincetown, MA, including  Yarmouth, Orleans, Barnstable, Mashpee, and Falmouth. The A Plus Insulation and Foam Co. team provides a variety of energy-saving home improvements, including insulation, air sealing, and basement encapsulation. We insulate and house seal both new and existing homes for years of lower energy bills.

Want to cut your heating & cooling bills while improving comfort? Contact us today to learn more about air sealing your home!