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Many Cape Cod area homeowners wonder why their homes aren’t comfortable. They wonder if the heating and cooling system isn’t functioning properly or if they need more energy efficient windows.

Why Use Spray Foam?

Insulating your home with spray foam is one of the very best ways to cut energy bills, prevent moisture issues, and stop drafts. As your insulation contract, we get to the root cause of high energy bills and home comfort issues. Spray foam is also more resistant to water damage than other types of insulation, should flooding occur.

Exceptional Thermal Resistance

The open and closed cell spray foams that we use have a high R-value. This means that they have an excellent ability to resist heat transfer. When the heat is beating down on your roof in the summer, it won’t heat up the interior of your home. If snow is piled high and it’s below freezing outside, spray foam insulation will help keep out the elements and cold.

Keeps Out Moisture

From Plymouth to Chatham and Provincetown, we help make homes more durable. One of the greatest benefits of spray foam is that it can fill in gaps, cracks, and irregular spaces. It is also impermeable to water. This means foam insulation can plug air leaks and stop moisture from entering your home. Prevent house rot and mold issues at the source in your Cape Cod home with spray foam insulation.

Peace and Quiet

Spray foam insulation also provides soundproofing by dampening noise from the outside. Many A Plus Insulation and Foam Co. customers are surprised by the different that insulating their homes makes on noise reduction.

Fills Gaps and Cracks

Most homes have a lot of spots where air leaks in and out. In addition to insulating your home, spray foam insulation also seals air leaks. Plumbing penetrations and gaps around electrical outlets, recessed lighting, and conduit are easily insulated and sealed for greater energy savings.

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