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May 19, 2017

Weatherization protects homes from the elements by separating the outside from the indoor climate. A home that is properly weatherized allows you to keep in most of the heat you buy in the winter and prevents your house from getting dreadfully hot in the summer.

Why Weatherize My Cape Cod Home?

Weatherizing your home can result in improved comfort and significant energy savings. Although it’s possible to heat and cool poorly weatherized homes with an overworked HVAC system, there will be high energy bills and the heating and cooling system will wear out more quickly.

Lower Utility Bills

Insulating and air sealing your Cape Cod area home is less expensive than blasting the heater or air conditioner. In fact, home weatherization pays for itself over time with lower energy bills. Many of our customers in the local Cape Cod region are surprised by how much money they save!

Solving Complex Comfort Issues

Does your home have cold floors in the winter, drafts, and uneven temperatures? From Provincetown to Harwich, Dennis, Plymouth, and beyond, our team gets to the root cause of home comfort issues. We believe in making people comfortable in their homes.

Money-Saving Rebates

Mass Save, the Cape Light Compact, and the Rise weatherization programs can save our customers thousands in energy-saving rebates. As a qualified contractor for these programs, we can help you fulfill the program qualifications.

Promote Greater Home Durability

From basement encapsulation to insulation projects, many weatherizations projects promote the longevity of your home. Air sealing closes up gaps, preventing pests, moisture, and air from entering your home. Basement encapsulation boosts indoor air quality by preventing moisture and mold issues. While insulating your attic will improve comfort while also preventing ice dams, which can cause costly roof damage.

Increased Home Value

Studies show that home shoppers are willing to pay more for a house with low energy bills. Home weatherization projects also help set your home apart from others, making it more appealing.

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