A+ Insulation Foam, Person applying spray foam to wall, MA
May 19, 2017

With warm summers and cold winters, southeastern Massachusetts homes need protection from the elements. The A Plus Insulation and Foam Co. experts know how to keep out cold winter drafts and muggy summer weather.

Cut Your Energy Bill

Why choose spray foam? It is a simple and effective solution to high heating and cooling costs. This is because it has a high R-value. In fact, the higher the R-value of insulation, the greater its ability to resist heat and insulate your home. Both open and closed-cell spray insulation are outstanding in reducing the demand on your heating and cooling system.

Stop Air Leaks

Spray foam insulation has a remarkable ability to seal gaps and cracks that other types of insulation would miss. By fitting into these small, often forgotten about spaces, spray foam can prevent air from entering and exiting. This makes your home more comfortable and helps you save on your monthly bills.

Greater Home Comfort

Does your Cape Cod home have cold floors and uneven temperatures? Are you building a new home between Plymouth and Provincetown, Massachusetts and you want to make sure it is comfortable? Spray foam creates a continuous barrier between your home and the exterior for even home temperatures and low energy bills.

Keep Critters Out

Did you know that pests can enter your home through gaps and cracks? Wildlife can damage your home, causing costly repairs and damage. Spray foam insulation helps seal these gaps, stopping the problem at the source. Our insulation team is skilled at sealing up entry points into your home preventing future maintenance work.

Boost Your Home Value

Studies show that home shoppers are willing to pay more for homes that are energy efficient. Insulating your home with spray foam is a great way to reduce your home’s energy bills for decades to come.

Keep Moisture Out

If moisture infiltrates into your home, it can create damage and mold problems. It is wise to prevent moisture from entering your home, promoting home durability.

A Plus Insulation and Foam Co.: Your Insulation Contractor

It takes knowledge and skill to properly insulate a home with spray foam. Our insulation team has years of experience and knows how to get the job done right. We serve the communities of Chatham, Wellfleet, Harwich, Dennis, Yarmouth, Orleans, Barnstable, Mashpee, Falmouth, Plymouth, and beyond to help homeowners cut their energy bills and boost home comfort.

Do you want to learn about the benefits of spray foam for your house? Contact A Plus Insulation and Foam Co. today for a free consultation.